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Kraft Associates/ODA Seminars

Kraft/ODA offers a series of management seminars to assist our clients in the development of the management, business and communications skills of their employees.  These sessions are offered regularly in a public venue where the benefit exists of interacting with employees from several client firms.  All of the material is also offered on the client’s site with the benefits of efficiency and specific relevance.   

All seminars are interactive in style; each participant receives a personal workbook containing the outline of the process.  The give and take of participants and presenters results in customized and relevant learning.

Begin with Excellence -
This seminar presents a system of recruiting and selecting excellent employees. (more)

K.A.S.H. (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits) - This seminar presents two main topics and system of training and an introduction to marketing and sales. (more)

Controlling Excellence - This seminar discusses the art and science of management. We cover the definitions of management and discuss aspects of leadership as well.  (more)

ODA/TOPLINE - This seminar focuses specifically on the skills and processes required to improve sales performance.  (more)

NOTE: Additional sessions of any of these seminars will be scheduled as required; contact us for details.


Senior Managers – Referred to as the ODA Graduate School.

This seminar is designed to challenge managers, supervisors and professionals to develop their business skills and abilities.

Using an interactive case study approach Kraft Senior Business Advisors encounter difficult problems and situations and, using advanced business tools, search for innovative solutions.

Leadership examples are studied and take home messages are derived to improve the management of our firms.

In today’s challenging business environment excellence in senior management is critical to success.


CEO Seminar - This special event is held for the CEOs of our client companies. This is a unique opportunity for business owners to meet and discuss topics of interest in a spectacular setting and in a relaxed professional environment. Leadership development with a personal touch.