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Kraft Associates/ODA Inc.
Building Organizations of Excellence

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Kraft Associates/ODA Inc.
Building Organizations of Excellence
Our primary focus is to serve entrepreneurs of small to medium size businesses by helping them achieve their personal goals through their organizations. This is accomplished by working closely with our clients on a long-term basis to help them build an organization of excellence. It involves leadership development and continual organizational improvement.

Our involvement with a client begins with an Exploratory Interview, which is followed with an in-depth Organizational Evaluation. Based on this evaluation, which clarifies the specific needs of the company, we address such areas as recruiting, selection, and training of personnel, managing and motivation, long range strategic planning, organizational structure and accountabilities, job performance evaluation and compensation.

Our development emphasis is on growing people, who by feeling comfortable with their jobs are the real contributors to the organization. Success of a company is directly dependent on recruiting and selecting the "right" people for the jobs and then taking the time and effort to train them in the required knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits.

Managers are trained to recognize that the obligations of a leader are to grow his/her people and to create the right atmosphere so that employees are motivated to reach their full potential and to achieve their personal goals through the company.

Our overall approach is to work closely with our clients, as an outside change agent, over a period of two or more years. We conduct management training seminars solely for our clients. As a part of the ongoing development activity we work with the client on a monthly basis to follow up on those areas which need special attention to continually improve the company’s operations.

The results of these efforts are a more effective organization, improved working atmosphere, lower employee turnover, increased production, better quality products and service, satisfied customers and increased profits.

ODA/TOPLINE Business owners are aware of the importance of sales. Our approach of building sales capacity by analyzing all of the business processes in the firm and working with the sales and management team developing each. The result is increased capacity and top line results.

Our management development services have benefited many entrepreneurial businesses by helping them build an organization of excellence.

Kraft Associates has served as a trusted business advisor for more than thirty five years.